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Takin’ Care of Business

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009

Hello loyal reader. I’m sorry it’s been over a week. I usually try to add my thoughts to this blog thing at least once a week, but last week I ran into a bit of a snag.

Doctors like to call the snag I ran into appendicitis. It’s not a particularly fun snag, but for me it had it’s perks. Among the perks was the adventure of going to the emergency room for the first time, having my abdominal cavity opened for the first time, purposefully removing an organ for the first time, and sleeping over at a hospital for the first time (oh and great, funny stories to boot). Lot’s of firsts, all of which happened a couple of days before Sarah and I celebrated being married for 9 months. So it was kind of a bunch of firsts for both of us. And despite the fact that a trip to the hospital is never a good thing, I honestly enjoyed my time there and I learned a lot about Sarah’s love for me. That’s always a good thing.