Little Drummer Boy

Do you know that after almost a year and 3 months of marital bliss,  I found out something new about my husband? Imagine…not knowing him absolutely after a year?! A couple of nights ago, I heard this tap-tap-tapping sound as I was trying to sleep. Thinking it was the cats playing, I decided I’d give them the benefit of the doubt, close my eyes, and try to fall asleep. Ahh, sweet sleep, I’m just about to start dreaming I know it, when…tap tap tap.

Hey. This is closer to my head…and the cats are nowhere to be seen. “Lee…? Is that you?”

Tap tap tap…”Yes.”

“What are you doing?


Hmmm. It turns out that after a  year and 3 months Lee has broken out the drumming that he used to do when he tried to fall asleep…but has stopped doing because he was afraid it would keep me up. Well, it did keep me up. But, I was intrigued and a little excited to find out something new about Lee. I urged him to keep going, but he politely declined for the sake of both of us getting some sleep. Maybe next time I won’t say anything :)

Merry belated Christmas from the little drummer family! Here’s to a new year in hopes of finding out many new things about my husband!

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